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About Family Friendly Bordoodles

At Family Friendly Bordoodles, we are passionate about breeding healthy and happy Bordoodle puppies that will become a beloved member of your family. Our family-owned business is located on a 3000-acre property where our dogs have plenty of room to play and thrive. We are experienced animal handlers and trainers and ensure that our breeding dogs receive the best care possible, which translates to the best start in life for our puppies. We are committed to providing a temperament and genetics guarantee for every puppy we sell.

Our Breeding Philosophy

At Family Friendly Bordoodles, we take a holistic approach to breeding our dogs. We love, own and live with our breeding dogs so their temperament, health, and genetics is guaranteed and this ensures that we produce the best quality puppies. We believe in socializing our puppies from an early age, exposing them to different environments and people to ensure they are well adjusted and confident. Our focus is on producing happy, healthy puppies that will make great family pets.


Our Family

At Family Friendly Bordoodles, our breeding dogs are not just animals, they are members of our family. We live and work with them on our property, giving them the love and attention they deserve. We know a lot of house holds and families want a dog that integrates with their family, is smart an trainable, while also perhaps not shedding so much through the house. Our dogs are slightly smaller than a border collie, non shedding (or low shedding), people oriented and whip smart!

Own a Puppy

We are equally as thourough in approving the right owners for our puppies as we are in breeding them. These are active, highly intelligent puppies who need the correct, love, stimulation, care and environment. They are not suited to solo apartment living. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. With this in mind they make the most trainable, obedient and impressive dogs. They love showing off how agile they are and being the most impressive dog in the park!

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